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Yayla Life in Anatolia


The Yayla principle is comparable to the Alpine pasture and dates back to times, when many people in Anatolia lived as nomads (Yörük). Any Turkish tribe had a river and a mountain. (more…)

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Bodrum – Sailing Yachts and Knights Castle


Bodrum’s nice yacht harbour with a view to the Castle of St. Peter is good to start a sailingtrip on a Gület. This is a traditional designed two-masted wooden sailing boat, often used for trips called “Blue Cruise” along the coast of Aegean Sea and Mediterranian Sea. (more…)

TURKEY Calendars 2015

Printed wall calendars with selected photographs from TURKEY are available (A3 size – 297×420mm / 11.7”x16.5”). They have a wire binding 
and hanger, printed on 200 gsm satin art paper with a tougher cover. (more…)

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Ottoman Caravanserai in Safranbolu


The former Ottoman caravanserai Cinci Han in the center of the old city of Safranbolu in the Black Sea region of Turkey is the largest building in town. (more…)

Book: Cappadocia

The landscape of Cappadocia in Middle Anatolia of Turkey was created about 30 million years ago. The ashes, which covered the earth by massive volcanic eruptions became an erosive material called “Tuff Stone”. (more…)

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Dalyan Delta and the Ancient City of Kaunos


A boat trip in the early morning on the Dalyan Delta between the small town Dalyan, located in the Muğla Province of Turkey, and the Iztuzu Beach at the Mediterranean coast is a beautiful experience. (more…)

Caretta Caretta

Wild Loggerhead Sea Turtle "Caretta Caretta" after laying eggs in the night on a beach at the Mediterranean Sea near Anamur in Turkey. (more…)