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Yayla Life in Anatolia


The Yayla principle is comparable to the Alpine pasture and dates back to times, when many people in Anatolia lived as nomads (Yörük). Any Turkish tribe had a river and a mountain. (more…)

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Bodrum – Sailing Yachts and Knights Castle


Bodrum’s nice yacht harbour with a view to the Castle of St. Peter is good to start a sailingtrip on a Gület. This is a traditional designed two-masted wooden sailing boat, often used for trips called “Blue Cruise” along the coast of Aegean Sea and Mediterranian Sea. (more…)

Yerköprü Waterfall

The Yerköprü Waterfall of Ermenek River is located in the Taurus Mountains in Southern Anatolia. (more…)

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Rare Birds at Euphrates River


In Birecik, located on the Euphrates River in Southeastern Anatolia, still live some of the last free Ibises. (more…)

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Hierapolis – Necropolis of Ancient Anatolia


Above the chalk terraces Pamukkale, located in the Aegean Region of Turkey are the ruins of the ancient city Hierapolis. During reign of Eumenes II, King of Pergamon and from 133 BC. under the Romans, Hierapolis was an important place. Later the city became a center of weaving wool and dyeing workshops and textile trade. (more…)

Ancient Metropolis Ephesus

Ephesus was in ancient times a famous metropolis with many temples, theaters and bathhouses as well as an important harbour at the Aegean Sea. (more…)

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Ottoman Caravanserai in Safranbolu


The former Ottoman caravanserai Cinci Han in the center of the old city of Safranbolu in the Black Sea region of Turkey is the largest building in town. (more…)